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Do you need more space or to add some much needed light and warmth to your home? Get in touch with MD Watson Ltd to discuss the Edwardian conservatory.


Edwardian conservatories have a rectangular design. Their design is much more rectangular than the attractive Victorian conservatory, meaning that you benefit from a lot more floor space, making it easier to fit your furniture in.

Edwardian conservatories are only one of the types of conservatory that we supply and install from our base in Hertfordshire. We have a couple more options that may be a suitable alternative for you if you're looking for something more affordable or more stylish.


Whilst the Edwardian conservatory boasts the most floor space when compared to a similarly sized conservatory of another type, a Victorian conservatory is much more appealing from the outside and a lean-to conservatory is a lot more cost effective, as it's mainly implemented as an extension to an existing room.


All of this and more is available across Buntingford, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Bishops Stortford and Royston from MD Watson Ltd.

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